hey everyone:  I

don’t have anything to edit, so I just feel useless.  Of course, their are a gazillion other things I work on.  Let’s see, my house seems filthy.  I saw a post on Facebook the other day with a dog talking “if you don’t want dog hair on  your clothes, stay off the furniture.  Well, that is my humble abode.  Covered in dust bunnies and dog hair.

I have begun helping my daughter at her dance studio two nights a week.  I like watching the little ones when they are first learning a step.  I, also, like watching my baby girl teach.  She is so patient and sweet with her students.  I have a sweater I have been knitting for over a year.  My grapes are rotting on the vine.

Back to the real reason we do these blogs.  If we help or inspire one person to edit till they drop, it will be worth it.  There are times when I thought I would just kill Jonas Black off and get it over with.  But that would be counter productive to what you are trying to achieve.  Yes, I get so tired of reading a book over and over, but it must be done.  And now I sit here wishing Sister would get on with the next book in the series.

I think I will run the vacuum, so you all take it easy, stay safe and be good to yourselves.

We’ll talk later

1/2 DHL

Sunset in NKY

Sunset in NKY


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