IMAG0239IMAG0238 I’m sure I’ve blogged or posted on Facebook that I’m working on an oil painting of an animal.  Later on, I want to finish the head of a lion from a picture I found somewhere.   The picture to the left is of the start of the painting which I began some time ago.  Also is the picture of my duck which my art teacher bought right off my easel before it was dry.   If you’ve ever tried to paint animal fur, it is done one hair at a time, first the dark colors are applied all over the animal.  You have what looks like a big blotchy mess on your canvas that looks like a child’s attempt at painting.  Maybe a child could do it better.  Anyway, you work from dark to the lightest light, one stroke at a time.  I have a few brushed that are designed for painting hair or fur, but I find laying in one hair at a time, while time-consuming, is the best method.  And, believe me, if your art studio is on the smaller side, mine has a bed and nightstand in it, you use an odorless turpentine or medium to work with.  If you don’t, I feel sorry for you.  Even listed as odorless, it still has a faint smell to it.  I am glad I have a window to open in my studio.  Everything is organized for easy painting in my studio and I love it.

Laying in your dark colors first in an oil painting, building house, or any project, is like writing a novel.  You have to have a good foundation to build on to make the painting or a story work.  The two are similar in many ways.

I haven’t done much writing over this past week due to continual headaches.  My doctor tells me it is caused by my clenching my teeth at night and during the day which is inflaming my TMJ joints.  I don’t even realize I’m doing it.  So tonight, I’m taking  a muscle relaxer to see if it will help.  So since Titan is pacing the floor wanting me to go to bed, I’m headed in that direction.

Don’t forget folks, THE STONE KILLER is available on amazon.com/dp/B00NBB8SZO  as an e-book or in paperback.   Give it a read and let us know what you think.  We’d appreciate it.

Everyone take care and stay safe.













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