I NEVER SEEM TO KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY WHEN I SIT DOWN HERE AT THE COMPUTER. I JUST MAKE UP STUFF THEN GO FORTH WITH MY JIBERISH. I just noticed the first paragraph is in all caps. Well you know and I know I should fix it, but I’m not going to. I do not understand this machine. I am typing away and suddenly, the screen goes to the windows page. As that ice skater Nancy What’s her Diddle cried, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
I do not think I will ever understand this computer. Why does my cursor jump to the middle of an earlier sentence and put words there?
Well, so much for that crap. The sun is out this morning and the world is beautiful. The temp is 61 here in Northern KY. That makes it even more beautiful. We had rain for three days. Needless to say, the dogs have carried most of the yard into the house, so I must sweep again. Since I have wood floors, I sweep every day, and I get a load of hair and dirt every day.
I know you all have better things to do than sit and read my blogs, like editing.) Y’all take care of yourselves and stay on this side of right. Hug your dogs and kiss your babies. We’ll talk later.

1/2 DHLIMG_0468

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