2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRWell, THE HANGMAN is coming along nicely.  My characters are still talking to me, thank goodness and the storyline is flowing.  All is well in the writing department, as it is with my painting.





1535724_10201179328077436_547197931_n[1]I IMAG0495finished the painting of Cooper, the dog.  He was such a sweet animal and it was so sad when he died.  The picture on the left is the one I worked from and the one on the right, of course, is the finished painting.  Of course viewed this way, I can see small imperfections  which can easily be fixed it needed, but all in all, I think I captured his likeness.  I delivered his painting last night and was delighted by the reaction of the recipient.  She really liked it, which means a lot to me.

We all went out to dinner to an Italian restaurant on W Colorado Avenue.  It was fantastic.  I ate too much and that second glass of wine tasted delicious, but I could have done without it.  I don’t drink much.  Came home, stayed up for a while and then went to bed and slept until three this morning.  I stayed awake until five at which time I curled up in my recliner and slept until eight.  The critters were kind enough not to wake me until then.  I’m trying to get them used to waking me at eight so that when we turn the clocks back on November 2nd, I won’t be getting up at six, but seven the new time.  We shall see how it works out.  They are hungry when they’re hungry and let me know it.

Well, back to work on THE HANGMAN for a while and then on to , my friend, Bill’s painting.   All I’m doing to it is finishing it up.  He did 95% of the work, I’m just putting in the final touches he had planned on doing.  He was a great friend and I will always miss his hearty laugh and ready smile.  I thank God every day that his wife, Shirley, survived the accident and is doing so fantastic.  She is a miracle and  an inspiration of overcoming the odds.  Determination and hard work will make you succeed.  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!

Everyone have a great day and stay safe.



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