2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRWell, Jonas Black and Morgan Jansen have a new killer to find in THE HANGMAN.  Of course, I can’t leave out the ghost of Marilyn, I’ve become very fond of that bad girl.  The storyline is coming along nicely, but as with any novel, I always have a lot of research to do.  You can only take so much literary license with the facts before it become obvious you didn’t do your homework.  I like to do my homework and meet the people representing the work my characters do.


IMAG0495As you all are aware, I took time off to work on an oil painting of Cooper, the beloved deceased dog of my nephew and his wife.  It is finished and delivered.  Now I was asked by my friend Shirley to finish the painting her husband started before he was killed in a motorcycle accident.  I am working to preserved the work that Bill did on the painting and only add the necessary shadows and highlights to complete it.  It will always be Bill’s painting and have his name on the canvas.  He did 85% of the painting and he deserves the credit for his work.  He would have been an outstanding artist.  I will always miss him.  I was so lucky to meet and get to know Shirley and Bill.  I just wish we could have had more time.  I guess God needed a good man in heaven.

Having served almost five years in the USAF, I am thankful for the training I received in the military.  Serving in the military gave me solid work ethics to the point that I guess I’m almost a workaholic.  Okay, Okay!  I am a workaholic.  I enjoy working at things I love to do, writing, painting, meeting friends and having long afternoon discussions, research and learning something new.  Yesterday, I took off and spent most of the day with my friends.  We had lunch at the Country Buffet and then drove to the west side to have coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts.  Then we remembered that catty-cornered to my friend’s house is this nice coffee shop where we could have gone.  Oh well, next time.

My workaholic ways serves me well as a writer.  There are days that will work from early morning until late afternoon.  I have worked at writing staring at the computer screen until my eyeballs hurt but I got a lot of writing done.  Hopefully being a workaholic will help me to get THE HANGMAN finished that much sooner.

Well folks, back to work.  Everyone have a great day and stay safe.


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