IMAG0510There is an unwritten rule between artists, I won’t touch your painting and you’re not to touch mine unless you are an art instructor teaching me about oil painting.  So when my dear friend Bill was killed in July, his partially completed painting, of a road in England or Wales, was unfinished and hanging on my studio wall.  I was teaching him to paint in oils.  His wife asked me to complete the painting, which I have done.  As Bill had painted in most of the background and tree formation, I only had to add the varying lights, highlights and finish the foreground of the road.  This painting is 90% Bill’s work.  My contribution, I consider minor.  I signed Bill’s name to the canvas and feel that he would have appreciated my efforts.

IMAG0239Stacked against one wall in the studio are several canvases in various stages of completion.  I have to finish all of those before I start something new.  But, in that line is the head of great big cat, a magnificent lion, that I feel I must paint.  The photo was taken by Vincent J. Musi and is unbelievable.  This painting I am doing for myself.  Most of my painting are created from my own photos or a photo a friend has given me and are for sale.  This painting will not be for sale.  I have numerous pictures of my own, but this image was so impacting, I have to paint it.  Mr. Musi is a genius with a camera.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRWell, I’ve been working now and then on THE HANGMAN and some others writing projects that need finished.  I have one more oil painting I want to do before I focus my full attention back to THE HANGMAN and then THE SNATCHER, the third book of the series.

IMAG0506Winter’s chilly breath gripped the Springs this morning.  I keep my heat set at 69 or sometimes 70  degrees at night, depending on how cold it will get.  It seemed like the furnace was on most of last night so it must have been in the 20’s.  Even my Titan was cold and snuggled down in his big afghan.  He is the most adorable dog and I am so thankful I was able to rescue him.   I think I may have spoiled him a little, but he needs spoiling.  He is such a good little dog and so eager to please.  Plus he is an excellent watch dog, but does not overly bark.  It is beyond my understanding how anyone could abuse him or any animal for that matter, but they do.  That will not happen again.  He’s my buddy.  God will punish those people who hurt his creatures and the punishment will be severe.   They deserve the same pain be inflicted on them that they dish out.  We are here to protect God’s earth and his creatures great and small.  And whoever would harm a child deserves the same punishment. I’m a radical, folk,  when it comes to hurting children and animals, if you haven’t guessed.

Well, folks, have a great productive day and may the sun shine warm on your back and your path in life be smooth.  NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!  Keep writing.


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