Good morning folks:
Here we are with another Saturday, another FSU game to win. I hope. We have won 24 straight games, and I know the day will come when we lose. Just picture me curled in the fetal position bawling my eyes out. It will not be a pretty sight.
It is very difficult to type when you have a Bichon on your lap and the computer on the arm of my chair.
I guess winter is here. There is a Polar Vortex on the way, and it is supposed to cover almost the entire nation. Seems sort of early for that, don’t ya think? We have already had snow so who knows what’s next.
Well, it seems that Bella, the Belgian has been at it again. She chewed my house slippers up, so that left me with a pair of sequin covered ruby red slippers I bought at The Wizard of Oz Museum in, of all places, Kansas.
I didn’t buy them to wear. I just thought they were pretty. Bella found them and chewed one bow off the right shoe. I bought a new pair of fuzzy slippers on Wednesday. Thought I had them hidden from Bella, I went into the bedroom and there, on the bed, was one of my new slippers chewed all to Hell. Back to the ruby red slippers. Bella will be on my list for a long time.
Well Sister is working on The Hangman. It is going to be a good one too. THE STONE KILLER is up on Amazon, don’t forget to get your copy and write a review. Those reviews really help.
Guess I will get started on some laundry and house cleaning before the games come on.
You all take care of yourselves and don’t forget to EDIT, EDIT, EDIT.

1/2 DHLIMG_0468

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