NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRWow! Just finished The Stone Killer. I read the first two novels by Dreamah H. Lockwood and was very pleased with them. The Stone Killer is the best one yet. Filled with intrigue and twists and turns that lead you to believe the villain is someone that it is not. Very well thought out. I highly recommend this latest effort by Dreamah H. Lockwood. *****Sandy

The above is our first five-star review for THE STONE KILLER, posted on Amazon.  It is always thrilling to know that your novels give enjoyment to people.    As writers we work hard to present a good story to the public.  And when we get a good review, we know that our efforts have been rewarded, and we are thrilled.

I don’t think that readers realize how important reviews of our books are to an author.    A good review can grab someone’s attention and entice them to read the book.   They let potential buyers know that the book will be worth spending their money on an eBook or paperback copy, and that the story will hold their attention and keep them guessing to the end.  So when we receive a review, especially one with five stars, it is greatly appreciated.  So a big thank you to “Sandy”.  We are so glad you liked the book.

Well, it appears that Colorado will be receiving its share of that Polar Vortex heading south this afternoon.  I have to get busy and created a warm place for the outside cat to curl up in out of the cold.  There was a video posted on Facebook showing how to make a warm place out of the cold for feral cats.  Snowflake is not feral, someone dropped her in my neighborhood, but she won’t come into the house.  I think it’s because of my other cats and especially Titan.  He barks at her.  So, I’m making her a place to get out of the cold in the shed out back.  I hope she will get inside of the bed I’m creating for her.  She’s a sweet cat.  I’ll keep trying to get her inside.

Well, since it is supposed to start turning cold by this afternoon, I need to busy myself and get things done.  Everyone have a blessed great day and stay safe.



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