Well folks, it is 6 degrees here where I live which is south of Colorado Springs.  It is even colder where my friend lives because she is at a higher elevation than I am.  And, would you believe there are people leaving their animals out in this weather!  The animal patrol has and still is out checking on dogs left out in this weather.  I’d like to make their owners dress in slacks and their coats and force them to sleep outside huddled in a wooden building without heat.  That’s what they deserve.  And people wonder why I love animals more than humans at times.

IMAG0506I took Titan out a few minutes ago and ended up having to carry him back inside because his feet were too cold for him to walk.  He started out fine, but his little feet are so tiny and they’re not covered with much fur.  I have to buy him some boots and a coat for this weather.  We all knew it was going to get cold, but not this cold.   We’re supposed to have more cold weather tomorrow and Friday it may get up in the 30s.

NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRWell, THE STONE KILLER  is available on  You should give it a read.  There’s a bedroom scene with the ghost what will amaze you.  Marilyn, even as a ghost, causes all types of problems for her twin sister, Morgan.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRI’m hard at work on THE HANGMAN and THE GHOST IS BACK!  Marilyn refuses to stay dead and is still full of mischief.  This book is shaping up to be a doozy of a case.  It is full of surprises even for me, and I’m writing it.  These characters are a wonderful experience and I love to write about them.

I need to get to bed as it is late here in Colorado.  Everyone stay warm and safe.  Goodnight.


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