P1010737Good morning everyone.
Well, Old Man Winter has us by the throat this morning. We have about 3 inches, and it is supposed to snow till around noon. I am so glad I don’t have to go out today. Tomorrow is another story. Out, I must go.
I have spent the morning pulling ice-balls from Bella’s and Chloe’s legs and feet. Oh Lord, it’s gonna be a wonderful winter.
Sister is hard at work on THE HANGMAN. This is going to be a good book too. I can’t wait to see the finished mss.
Today is a good day to read, or EDIT. Think that’s what i’m gonna do. When I’m not pulling ice-balls from the dog’s legs. Y’all take care, stay warm and eat well. Oh, and don’t forget to EDIT one more time.
Talk at ya later. 1/2/DHL

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