NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRIn my blog the other evening, I mentioned book blurbs, that short summary of your novel that is supposed to entice readers to purchase your novel and answers all the questions about the story and the characters.  We as writers should be able to summarize our story in a few paragraphs that will fit on the back cover or inside flap of our printed edition, right!  Oh yeah, that is easier said than done.

In our novel, THE STONE KILLER, we have a set of beautiful twins with their psychic connection, a hunk of a cowboy detective, a ghost, and a serial killer piling up bodies.  Of course there’s a romantic attraction between that hunky cowboy detective and the main female character.  So now, how do we summarize all that in as few words as possible.  It ain’t easy folk.  Below is the first blurb we are using.  After a lot of research stating how important the book blurb is, I have written a second one.  We would like to know which one you find the most enticing for a reader, #1 or #2?

#1.  What do you do when a murder victim refuses to stay dead? When Homicide Detective Lieutenant Jonas Black and his partner, Detective Sergeant Esperanza Ortiz, appear on Morgan Jansen’s doorstep, she is scared. She already knows her identical twin, Marilyn Heddrix, is in trouble and injured. Morgan is not prepared to hear that her sister has been violently murdered.
The bond between identical twins sometimes transcends death. Marilyn’s ghost returns to haunt her sister, Morgan, and offer snippets of information about another victim. But the only problem is, Marilyn can’t identify the killer or tell when or where he will strike again. Morgan is amazed by the sudden appearances of her twin, and her intense demands that she pass on the information to the detective. How can Morgan pass on information to Lieutenant Black without sounding crazy, especially since she finds him so sexually attractive? And when she does pass on the information of other victims, he is forced to wonder if she is either a little nuts or involved in her sister’s murder.
As the attraction between Jonas and Morgan grows, they begin a journey into the world of the paranormal to hunt for a serial killer determined to dish out his own form of punishment to those he has condemned to die.   Email us at dreamah.lockwood@aol.com or comment on our blog.  Thanks for your help.

#2.  MURDER in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

No matter what they do, we are taught to love our siblings.  Sometimes that is difficult, especially when your identical twin sister sleeps with your rotten husband.  When that happened to Morgan Jansen, she divorced her husband and refused to speak to her sister, Marilyn Heddrix, for over six months. Because of their psychic bond, Morgan is always aware of her sister’s presences.  So, when she awakened in the middle of the night in horrible pain, she knows her sister is in trouble.

After a futile weekend search for Marilyn, Morgan files a Missing Person’s Report.  Later, when Homicide Detectives, Lieutenant Jonas Black and Sergeant Esperanza Ortiz, appear on her doorstep, she is shocked to hear her sister has been violently murdered.  Now, Morgan would forgive even her sister’s betrayal to have her back alive.  But dead is dead, or is it?

When her twin appears in the middle of the night, dressed only in a red bra and panties, Morgan is furious, believing that Marilyn has perpetrated a sick joke.  All too soon she realizes it’s not a joke.  Her sister is dead, but has returned to beg her forgiveness and offer snippets of information about her killer.

As the madman strikes again, Morgan tries to pass on information about another victim, but as she fears, the Lieutenant looks at her as if she’s nuts.  Her efforts to explain the psychic bond between twins is useless.  He doesn’t believe her.

Jonas Black does think Morgan Jansen is a little crazy.  But, he has his own memories of seeing a ghost and refuses to admit spirits return from the dead.  He is suspicious of Morgan, but wants to believe her.  Maybe it’s because of the attraction he feels.  She takes his breath away.  It’s been a long time since any woman affected him in that way.

As the bodies pile up, the killer sets his sights on Morgan.  After all, she is a duplicate of his first victim.  She is abducted and it’s a race to find the serial killer before Morgan becomes his next victim, and Jonas Black loses another woman he has come to love to murder.

Everyone have a great week and stay safe.



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