Hi everyone: I just cannot believe that at 5:30, it is pitch dark outside. I hate this time. Seems as though I no sooner get up in the morning before it is time to go to bed in the evening. Another thing. I normally love grey blustery days, but here in NKY, we haven’t seen the sun for days and days. I’m starting to feel like a peeled zero. I just seem to be down in the dumps lately. Well, that has got to stop. And now. I hate this feeling. Perhaps if we can get our Christmas Tree up, things will look better.
We have a 9 1/2 foot tree in the closet. We put it up our first Christmas here in KY. Then we got Chloe, the Bichon who was 5 months old. That would have been a mess, but my husband made a half-tree that we can hang on the wall. We just keep getting dogs, so we have not had the big tree up in years. WE talked about it this year, but Bella The Belgian is too rambunctious. It’s on my bucket list to use that tree again.
I hope a great Thanksgiving was had by all. Well. I got that holiday out of the way.
Now Christmas is almost here and, of course, I am not ready.
Sister just called so I will get this out in cyber-space and talk to her. You all take it easy and I’ll talk at you later.

1/2 DHL


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