NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRWhat a day. It started out slow, then just proceeded right on into insanity. I have the greatest husband in the world, but now and then he becomes a blithering idiot. Like today. He was going to make us a sandwich for lunch. I knew we had no bread, I knew we hadn’t been to the store, so, therefore, no bread.
Men are wired different. You know that don’t you? They carry their brains between their legs and nothing between their ears. Anyway, I’m sitting here, with not much going on in my head either, when I smell smoke.
It was the microwave. When I opened the door smoke rolled out of there like a tsunami. That’s kinda what it looked like pouring out of the door. Every alarm in the house is going off, the security co. is ringing the phone off the hook, but it has been out all day. It won’t do any good to answer it. Five minutes later, the Fire Truck pulls up and I send the idiot out to talk to them. After all he did this. To make a long story short, when he came back in he says, ” Did you say 12 seconds or 12 minutes?” Guess which one he used.
Naturally, I was too emotionally torn up over the whole thing, I couldn’t cook dinner. He’s not a bad cook either.
I’m just not up to using my fingers any longer, so I’ll say goodnight. You all take it easy and we’ll talk later.

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