Have you ever wanted to take a hammer and smash your computer into pieces?   I have for the last couple of days.  Some how, I managed to get an adware virus on my system and it really screwed everything up.  It took me most of the last two days to fix my computer system.  I’m still having a problem with a program popping up which I did not download, but it is on my computer and I can’t locate the file to uninstall the blasted thing.  At least I can get on the internet now.  Where my Internet Explorer default went is beyond me.  Usually I don’t have a problems fixing the system.  I’ve run all the scans for viruses and my security system says it is stopping all these threats, 295 of them, so I guess it is working.  But it is still not fully restored.

We had about a half-inch of snow the other night.  Needless to say it didn’t last long when the sun came out the next day.  That’s what is so great about living here, we get snow and then as soon as the sun comes out it’s gone.  Our temperature today is to be in the upper 40’s and tomorrow in the 50’s.  Snow is predicted for Monday and Christmas is supposed to be chilly, but sunny.  I love it here.

SINGLE COVER, A C OF MCREATING KATHRYN CROWNNEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRAnyway, I’m back working on uploading all the books to Smashwords and Lightning Source as soon as sister finishes editing the files one more time.  That project won’t be finished until after the New Year.  I hate that anyone might purchase our novels and find errors, but I’ve found errors in traditionally published books.  No one is perfect.

I’ve gotten feedback from several people who loved THE STONE KILLER, but would have preferred a different ending.  Others loved the book and the ending.  The characters dictated the story and I followed their lead.  The people who would have preferred a different ending have valid points to make about the storyline, and I have listened to their suggestions.  I could go back and change it, but choose to go forward with THE HANGMAN instead.

Our novels will make great reads and nice Christmas gifts.  Check them out on


While all my computer problems have been going on, I’ve been working on two different paintings, my Desert Chief and another one, to help me relax and get rid of my frustrations over the computer.  It has helped greatly.  Finally found an art book I was looking for and have been also reviewing several things in it.  Plus I’ve been cleaning house, doing laundry, all the usual things that need done daily, like taking care of my critters and making sure my home is clean and everything is done before the New Year.  I’m only putting up a few Christmas decorations this year.  No tree, because Bandit would be climbing it in a flash.  Maybe next year when she is a year older.


We wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and may 2015 be the greatest of New Year’s, filling your lives with success, wealth, love and great happiness.

Everyone take care and stay safe.



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