Well, here it is, Jan. 5th of the new year and it is extremely cold. Tem is 14 with a high of 21 today. Oh jolly. I am forced to go out to the grocery store as I am out of coffee creamer and if I don’t have the right kind this afternoon, when I am ready for a cup, there will be war somewhere.
I spent the weekend trying to print A CIRCLE OF MURDERS for editing (AGAIN.) I don’t know what I did, but I managed to print the first 76 pages twice. When I came in the office this morning,
the corrected version lay on the printer. I love good ghosts.
Now it is almost 11:15 and I am not dressed yet. Sister will be calling and I have nothing to tell her, so I shall get dressed, fun to the store, mop my kitchen floor, then start reading the rest of the book.
You all take it easy and be good to yourselves. Till next time, 1/2/DHL



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