2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRI have been busy making a list of all my suspects in the murder of my first victim, an attorney, plus the who, what, when, where and why they might want this guy dead.  Creating characters even for a suspect list is a detailed job.  They have to have a logical reason to want to harm another person or wish them dead and the guts to or be sufficiently crazy enough to act on that desire.  Anger and hatred are powerful emotions and can drive a person to do nutty things.  Anyway, the story is progressing nicely.  I’ll be happy when all my research is finished.  In writing, you run into a scene that you have to be sure is correct and the action will work.  As I do not pre-plan my novels, and the characters drive my stories, this happens in my books.  So I do try hard to be accurate with my scenes.

Well for the last two days, we have had rain and then snow on top of that.  Not a lot of snow, but about two and a half inches.  Just enough to make it sloppy and icy roads.  Today, it started out to be in the forties, now it’s changed to the upper thirties.  WHERE IS THE SUNSHINE  to melt all this nasty and dangerous ice?  I don’t do well with gray days.  I need to see the sun.  Maybe this afternoon or tomorrow.

SINGLE COVER, A C OF MNEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRCREATING KATHRYN CROWNI can’t believe we are once again editing A CIRCLE OF MURDERS.  We will be editing all the completed books again so I can upload them to SMASHWORDS.  It will be a process, but we do try to make sure our books are error free.  We really try, and when we see a mistake after all the editing, it drives me nuts.  Lord knows, that is a short trip for me.  The first book to be uploaded to SMASHWORDS will be A CIRCLE OF MURDERS, then, THE STONE KILLER, and last CREATING KATHRYN CROWN.

From now on, we will upload to Amazon, SMASHWORDS and Lightning Source.  We won’t enroll in Amazon’s KDP program.  That way our novels will be available to all e-readers and can be purchased by bookstores.  It’s been a long learning process, but I think this is the best way to go.  Give all our books a read, you’ll like them.



So, everyone take care of yourselves and stay safe.




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