As I put on Facebook, my Dell computer crashed again on January 15th.  Since this was the second time in eleven months the blasted thing has died and left me in a panic state about all the information on the hard drive, I was not about to pay another 300.00 to have the thing fixed.  That Thursday afternoon, I rushed to Best Buy and bought a new one, this time an ASUS, which is supposed to be an outstanding computer.  Good grief, why do we have to import inferior crap made in China.  The ASUS computer wouldn’t even turn on Friday afternoon.  Oddly enough, I have an old Dell computer from I bought in 2000 which still works, but doesn’t like the newer files.  It’s old, it’s slow and is only good for the three and a quarter old disc drive I still have, which have been copied to a flash drive and for writing up character studies.  Anyway, last Saturday, I took the crappie Dell and the ASUS back to Best Buy and traded for an HP.  The were able to extract all my files and load them on the new HP.  Thank you Lord, I’m back in business.




The Hangman’s suspect pool is growing.  I know now who the killer really is and who all the victims are.  Progress is being made even with my old Dell, which I will keep.



I was deeply saddened this morning when I went out to my car.  Some foul person had killed a beautiful black cat and left its body on the sidewalk.  My next door neighbor was kind enough to help me bury the poor creature near a lilac bush.  The Police Department couldn’t help me as the animal was on the sidewalk, and NO, I would never put it in a trash can or shove it into the street, I respect the cat too much.   God’s creatures are not trash, except those who harm children and animals.



Well, Titan is crying for us to go to bed and it is late. Don’t forget to read the first book in the Jonas Black series, THE STONE KILLER.

Everyone have a great week and stay safe.







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