Good morning all.  I was on Facebook this morning and got so frustrated that I just closed it out and made breakfast. Surely most people are in school through the fifth or sixth grade.  What is so difficult about knowing the difference between the words your and you’re.  Were and we’re.  There and their and they’re.  Even my own grand children make this mistake.  One of them is in college and plans on becoming an officer in the Marine Corps. THERE:  She laid her coat THERE on the chair THIER: THIER coats were THERE on the chair YOUR;  YOUR coat is on the chair YOU’RE:  YOU ARE (YOU’RE) going to put YOUR coat on WERE:  WERE you going to wear your coat? When we return, WE’RE(WE ARE) going to burn that damn coat. I hope this helps those that might be confused.   We bought a new coffee pot yesterday, but the top won’t close so we have to take it back and get another one.  I hate having to return things. Well, the weather is gray, cloudy, yucky and just plain crappy.  I just can’t seem to get the time to read THE STONE KILLER.  I don’t know what is wrong with me.  I am sure Sister is not going to be happy. I will make sure I get some reading done today. I see dog prints on my clean floors, so I had better get busy and clean them again.  Y’all take care of yourselves and we will talk again later. 1/2 Dreamah

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