Happy Valentines Day to you all.  I certainly hope you all have a wonderful day.

There just isn’t much going on around here.  It seems like weeks since I started the editing of TSK for Smashword.  I sure hope it goes through okay.

the wind is blowing like mad this morning.  The temp is supposed to drop throughout the day until it gets down to 4deg. tonight.  We’re going out to dinner tonight and I have no idea what to put on to keep from freezing.

I swear I have given up on keeping my floors clean.  Just as soon as I get them all clean and shiny, it either rains or snows and we are right back where we started.  I am tired of picking mud from dog toes too.  I got up this morning to one of the house plants chewed to pieces.  I don’t know who did it, but I hope it  makes them sick.  No.  No I don’t.  I would just have to clean that up too.

I’m just sitting here staring out the window.  Sister will be calling soon and she is sure to ask if I did a blog.  If I say no she is just going to be pissed.  I want to avoid that if I can.  I know I don’t do my share, but my mind does not work like hers.  Actually, my mind seldom works at all.

My next project for Smashword is Creating Kathryn crown.  Hopefully it won’t take me long to get it done.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.  Take care of yourselves and we’ll talk later when I have something interesting to say.

1/2 DreamahRose_sm

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