IMG_0740Sister is about to throw her laptop against a wall.  She thought she was calling the Geek Squad yesterday and misdialed the phone number and got some scammer.  She caught on right away and hung up the phone, but not before he got into her computer and downloaded a bunch of junk software.  She had the real Geek Squad remove it today, but her computer still is not working correctly.  It is frozen up.

Sister hasn’t had the best week,  Monday, she fell over her dog Bella, above, and smashed her face into the frig and almost broke her nose,  and then hit the floor on her poor tailbone and slammed the back of her head into the wall, then fell on her elbow.  She’s a little bruised and battered, not to mention scaring the hell out of the dog.  She did all this after she had been out trying to shovel the snow from her deck.

11-F3861162-675487-960We talk every day so I know she is fine.  I told her to be more careful.  Our fur babies do like to sneak up behind us.  My biggest offender for such a habit is my big black cat Pyewacket, in the photo with Bandit.  He’ll follow behind me like a puppy whenever I head for the kitchen, thinking he is going to get a snack.  I’ve almost fallen over him.  I’ve almost broke him of the habit.  Last time, I accidently stepped on hit tail.  Poor boy.  He’s such a good, sweet cat.  Another one of my rescues.

Well, winter returned here this afternoon.  The temperature was supposed to get up to around 42 at noon.  I drove to the store to pick up a few things like food for my critter, some ham and cheese, and cat litter.  I came out of the store a little after 1:00 and boy had the temperature dropped and it was snowing.  It snows and then stops, snows and then stops.  The weatherman say tomorrow it may snow all day.  Oh well, we can’t really complain.  The east has had it a lot rougher.

NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVR2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRConstantine - Season 1Finished my character folders and have sent my detectives out searching for potential suspects.  Marilyn, my ghost,  is still with us. I can’t seem to let her go.  Maybe because I know how her sister and twin, Morgan, feels since I have lost three of my sisters.   To the left is a picture of how Morgan and Marilyn look.  If you haven’t read THE STONE KILLER, you won’t know who she is in THE HANGMAN.  So give the first book in the series a read, email me and let me know what you think.  I would appreciate it.  e-mail  I value my reader’s opinion.

Later, I’ll tell you all about what I put in each character’s folder.  I’ll give you a list of questions you need answered so you will know your people from birth.

Everyone take care of yourselves and stay safe, warm and drink a hot toddy for me and my friend Shirley.  I would appreciate it.  Have a fantastic weekend.



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