imagesBDJX3DZCI need to rant!  It started this blog yesterday, right before my blasted computer decided to give me problems.  It shut down and I lost what I had written.  I purchased this HP computer on January 21, 2015, right after my DELL computer crashed and died for the second time.  The first time was January 2014 and January 2015.  Well folks, when we purchase an expensive item, like a computer or any high-priced electronic or anything, IT SHOULD WORK PROPERLY.   Since around the 14 of January 2015, I tried an ASUS computer.  It died the within one day.  Then I brought home this HP.  I have had to call the Geek Squad five times within 36 days, for a two or three-hour process to fix the thing.  Do you get the impression that I’m pissed off.  You’re damn right.

These computer companies don’t care if their merchandise works or not.  They buy cheap labor and parts from out of country and expect the American consumer to eat their inefficiency.  And we do, because we have no other choice.  As writers, we are attached at the hip to our computers.  They are a necessary part of our lives, and we are being cheated of our writing time by big companies like Dell, ASUS and HP because they have crappy merchandise.  Well, I’ll get off my soap box, but I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about, and I hope you agree with me.  I hope my computer keeps working.  I’m sure the poor Geek Squad hopes so too.  Thank God for them or I’d be crazier than I am.

images8OEW8AWXimagesYW79DRE4Anyway, we got three more inches of snow on Thursday.  It was a light snow all day and until late last night.  The roads are snow packed and look slick.  Me, I don’t get out until the roads are clear.  I can’t really bitch about the cold and snow, as Colorado hasn’t had as much as the Midwest and east, so I won’t.  But, I keep thinking about planting yellow rose bushes, hollyhocks  and other flowers.  I guess I’m feeling housebound.  I am ready for warmer weather. But as the temperature was very cold, I made a big pot of beef stew for dinner.  To me, it tasted great.  Not everyone likes my cooking.  I don’t season it enough for some people.  Titan like his serving of the beef chunks.

I was going to write in detail about creating characters, but I will save that for the next blog.  It’s not hard, just time-consuming, but it has to be done before you write the book so you know everything about your people.

NEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVREveryone have a great weekend and stay safe.  Thank you for listening to me bitch about computer companies.  And, give THE STONE KILLER a read.  amazon.com/dp/B00NBB8SZO  Try it, you’ll like it.


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