images[2]Rain, glorious rain is falling on my dry yard.  Thank you Lord.  We had another grass fire, a controlled burn which got out of control. not too far from where I live.  And last night when I took Titan out before we went to bed, I could smell the strong odor of wood smoke.  Grass fires scare the hell out of me.  So let’s be careful folks.


getImage[2]I’m waiting for some of the oil paint to dry on the new painting before I proceed.  Orange, yellow and certain reds do not dry as fast as others.  Alizarin Crimson takes forever to dry.  How many people love to paint raindrops?  I do, also butterflies, bees, dragonflies and most insects, including ants.  And I love ladybugs.  I don’t like roaches of any kind.  Florida has some huge bugs which I don’t miss one bit.  I did a painting of a rose for my sister and told her I was going to paint an ant on the rose.  I was teasing her as she had asked me “please don’t put a bug in my painting.”  I didn’t.  I finished the painting without the bug.  I thought an ant would be cute.  I have a dragonfly resting on cattail that I want to paint.  It’s in line with the others in my studio.   I have to finish this one painting before I can do any others.

2nd THE HANGMAN BK CVRNEW SNGLE STONE KILLER CVRWell, I’m plugging along on THE HANGMAN.  For some reason, it is not flowing as smoothly as THE STONE KILLER did.  I need to dig deeper into the lives of my main characters and put their hearts and souls on display.  That’s what the storyline needs.  But, sometimes while I’m writing, ideas for other Jonas Black books bombard me.  When that happens, I stop and jot down the rough storyline, especially if it is from the killer’s point of view.  As I have stated before, I believe to write a murder story you must have a clear picture of who your killer is and why he/she is committing the crime.  You commit the crime, and hopefully the rest of the storyline falls into place and characters evolve.  Anyway, that is the way it is supposed to work.  It doesn’t always go as planned.  The characters have a big say  as to whether they will do what you might have planned for them.  Sometimes my people tell me what they will or will not do.  I am so thrilled when that happens.  That’s when the novel really takes off.

Well it is time for Titan and the cats to head to bed here in Colorado Springs.  It will be nice going to sleep to the sound of rain falling outside my window.

Everyone have a great Thursday, Friday and a fantastic weekend.  Please stay safe.


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