dsc04175[2]images[6]We arose to a dusting of snow this Friday morning and a temperature of 27.  But with the bright sun shiny down, the snow was starting to melt even at that chilly degree as I took Titan out for his morning trip.  Due to the below freezing temperature, I had hoped the lilac bushes’ new buds would survive the cold.  I forgot how hardy they are.  Even the tree’s spring growth appear to have kept their green fuzz and promise to burst forth with new spring leaves.  I was thrilled when I saw two chickadees, take refuge from the wind, in the large cedar trees outside my front door.  I love all birds, but there is something about a chickadee that warms my heart.  I have several photos of the little birds which are  waiting in line to be in a painting.  Too few hours in a day.

Have you ever finished writing a novel, believing it is complete, but over time felt as if you left so much out that it needs to be rewritten?  That is how I feel about one of my novels.  I left out so much about the characters that I have decided to go back and do a rewrite to add to the book.  I believe this effort will improve the story greatly.  I am going to practice what I preach about knowing your characters.

As I have a lot of work to do today, this will be a short blog.  Spring is here and soon the warm weather will stay.  Now, after the wind we had last night, if I could only stop sneezing, I’d be thrilled.

Everyone have a great Easter and stay safe.


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