imagesURJBXEJTimages6HTQ24AHFirst, we want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.  I hope this is a blessed day for everyone.

I have hung a bird feeder, where I can see it,  in the cedar tree outside my front door.  It took three tries before it was placed so that I could, on my writing breaks, sit in my chair and watch the birds.  When I am working, I keep my TV tuned to a music channel so I can focus on what I’m doing.  The feeding birds will be a welcomed break, if and when they decide to consume all that seed.  So far, a lone sparrow has ventured forth to eat.  The chickadees are getting closer, but are still a little distrustful.  Soon, they’ll start to feed.  I’ve seen several little birds, in the tree,  that I don’t recognize.  Beautiful little creatures that flit from branch to branch, cock their head and listen as if waiting for an anticipated song.  They are all delightful to watch.  I love chickadees, but do love the little sparrows.

Yesterday, I don’t know if it was a good idea or not, but I made a list of all my partially written novels where I have, as the idea and storyline rushed at me, wrote down what was whirling in my brain, These novels are incomplete due to a mental roadblock, needed research or just waiting for the story to finish cooking in my head while I work on and complete another project.  I was astonished to find I have over 15 stories going in various stages and some close to being finished.  And this morning another idea for a book jump out at me.  I quickly jotted down the title and a note for the storyline.  Now, I have 16 books that need to be written.

I have been writing since I was a teenager.  I’d come up with a story, write it down, and place my hero in such a bad situation that I had no idea how to get him/her out of it.  I was too young and inexperienced at the time to know how to resolve my dilemma.  I’m a lot older and hopefully wiser now.  I’ve served in the Air Force, traveled almost around the world, lived in Europe for close to two years, been married, divorced and lived in several of the US states.  My heart has always longed to live in the west.  My heart is so happy to be back in Colorado Springs that every day, I look at Pike’s Peak and thank God I am home.

Back to enjoying this glorious Easter Sunday and the bright sunshiny weather we are having.  Be thankful for all we have and do not dwell on what you don’t have.  Have faith and God will provide.  May God bless you all.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe.


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