I have been trying to  write a blog for the past three weeks.  Every time I start one I get almost finished, everything turns blue and all my text vanished.   Makes me so mad I could just throw this computer across the room.  Well, this morning, I called the Geek Squad and hopefully it is fixed. I really hate to damage an almost new computer.

We spent all of last week in Louisville helping our daughter get her  new house set up and unpacked.  I love the town.  it seems that every neighborhood has its own little shopping district.  Great restaurants and boutiques.  But I love Walton too.  I think I’ve told you before that the house is 115 years old and believe me when I say it acts like it.  The roof in the  kitchen leaks, the dish washer went out and it is practically new.  The closets are very odd.  Each room has a closet door, but when you open it, you see nothing but shelves.  You can’t hang a single garment.  It seems that when the house was built, if it measured the length of a clothes hanger, it was considered a room and you were charged taxes on it. doesn’t make a bit of sense does it?

I’m going to go now as I am boring myself to death.  My daughter is have surgery in the morning and I am going back to the Ville to stay with her a couple of days.  Perhaps something will happen down there worth writing about.

Y’all take care and stay our of trouble.  I’ll be back in a few days.Rose_sm

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