dsc02138[1]imagesEVWVXQCHWell the bird feeder is a big hit.  I have mountain Chickadees, sparrows and another little bird with a red throat and head that appears once in a while.  I am thrill to see them, but not as thrilled as the cats.  11-F3861162-675487-960Bandit, the Siamese,  slinks across the floor to the screen door, eases up on her hind legs and peers out the screen.  11-4FFBF4EE-702370-960Or she and Stanley creep up into the chair and sit motionless and watch as the birds feed or flit from branch to branch.  My black cat, Pyewacket, could care less.  He’s not the hunter the other two seem to want to be.  His greatest joy is to curl up in the chair and nap or chase a toy mouse.  No wonder he weighs almost 20 pounds.  He is my big boy and one sweet loving cat.  I love all my fur babies.  They give me love and great joy.

My nephew came down from where he lives in Black Forest to shore up the wooden fence around the back yard.  With all the wind we’ve had lately, it was actually waving back and forth.  A sturdy 4×4 and a couple of 2×4’s and screws and now I have a strong fence around the yard.  I was out digging up some weeds that have appear in the front yard.  There are nice rocks around the cedar trees where Alyssums will look nice.  I love the white and purple ones.  I never knew that were also called madwort.   The first week of May, I will buy my yellow, white and red rose bushes to plant.  I saw a red rose-bush at Wal-Mart  yesterday.

Starting tomorrow, we are supposed to have a change in the weather.  Out high for tomorrow is 49, also for Friday with rain and possibly snow at the higher elevations.  But the weather report keeps changing from hour to hour and we’re not sure of what is heading in our direction.  Oh well, I should be able to get a lot of writing done or maybe finish that painting hanging on my wall.

I want to say thank God for Flonase.  I probably didn’t spell it correctly, but that’s okay, it works.  I have been going crazy, and I’m already nuts, with I guess a cold and allergies. This nasal spray stops me from sneezing and dries up my runny nose, and that is all I care about.

Well folks, a word of advice, If you’re going to cook a dish of food you haven’t made in a while, check the recipe before you go to the store.  I didn’t and screwed it up.  I got the recipe when I lived in Hawaii.  It’s called Yakasoba and it’s made with oriental vegetables, oriental ramen noodle, chicken, mushrooms, AND Worcestershire sauce.  At the store, I forgot the mushrooms, and bought soy sauce instead of Worcestershire.  When I cooked the blasted dish, I forgot to put in the vegetables and the soy sauce made it toooooo salty.  Anyway, this morning, on the way home from having lab work done, I stopped and bought a bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE sauce, a large one.  Next time I’ll pull out the recipe before I start to cook something.

Well, back to work.  Everyone have a great week and weekend, Stay safe


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