All three of my dogs are acting crazy this morning.  Even Freedom, who usually is very laid back about anything just about went nuts when she saw me pick up the nail clippers.  I managed to clip one toenail, then she jerked away from me and ran.  Bella would not let me pick up her foot, so I gave up on her, and Chloe got up and ran under the hutch.  Crazy dogs.  I have not cut one toe off yet, and they are such babies about their nails.  Little do they know they have a good brushing coming so the birds can use the hair for their nests.  The love using dog hair and scraps of yarn for their homes.

The temp is already 70.  The sun is out and it is one of those beautiful KY days.

My apple tree is in full bloom.  It is not very large, but it is beautiful with all those pink blossoms on it.  I can’t wait for October to pick my apples.  But first We have to get our vegetable garden planted.  I talked to Sister this morning and she said it was snowing.  She can’t plant diddley-squat as long as their is snow on the ground.

I hope all of you are working hard on your writing.  Make sure you edit and spell check often.  Even if you think you are finished, go over it one more time.

Take care and I will get back with you soon.

1/2 Dreamah


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