NEW HANGMAN SINGLEWell, I was writing like a manic last night on THE HANGMAN, when it suddenly dawned on me, in the novel, what time of day was the story at.  So, I start at the beginning and list the hours as the story progresses.  Since my story open early on a Wednesday at 1:45 in the morning, I had to determine what was happening and who was doing what during that day.  I had to go back and do this with THE STONE KILLER.  You would think I would remember to start a timeline chart when I begin writing a new novel.  Duh! Oh well, as long as I get it done. My advice to you, don’t do as I do, keep track of the time in your story and what each character is doing when you’re writing,  It will save time and effort and your story will flow right along.

I have added the pseudonym D. H. Lockwood for the crime fiction book we have published so far on Amazon.  If you look up either name on Amazon, it will take you to our novels listed under Dreamah or D. H.  Lockwood.

12-5FD1B8B8-548836-960Right at this minute, I’m having trouble seeing my computer monitor.  I have a Siamese cat in the way.  Bandit loves to sit on my desk and be petted, but it is always when I am trying to type.  She needs lots of love as she is so jealous of Titan.


The rain, which we have needed, is starting to get ridiculous.  It has sprinkled off and on all day and now the weather report is for more rain  until who knows when.  The ground is saturated, the creeks and rivers are raging and it has rained every day since the first of May.  The last time this happened was in 1935.  Again, I NEED TO SEE SOME SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!!  Fountain Creek is a rushing, roaring almost river instead of a creek.   With all the coming rain, I hope we don’t have a lot of flooding.

Back to work on THE HANGMAN.  My writing is again flowing and the characters are talking loud and clear to me.  So it is work, work, work until the first draft is finished and then comes the edits and rewrites.  An author’s work is never completely finished.  We can always find something to add or cut.

Everyone have a great evening and stay safe.

Dreamah  (D.H.)



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