21765562-image-of-funny-cartoon-smiling-hermit-crab[1]I have decided that with little effort, I could become, and am to an extent, a hermit.  It’s not that I don’t like people, I do.  I thoroughly enjoy have lunch with a couple of my friends and sitting and talking, laughing at some of the things we used to get ourselves in to.  I often wonder how we made it to the age we are.  We talk about old loves, ex-husbands and how we’ve grown wiser (we hope) with age.  Would we do it all over again?  Probably.

The one thing I have learned is not to dwell on the past.  In no way can it be changed.  I do use a lot of my past in my novels.  You have to use your experience to know people and what they’re like.  You have good people and bad ones, and we take the good with the bad and overcome the obstacles in our path. So if you want to know what I’m really like, read my books.

I knew a couple of women in Florida who did nothing but lament about their failed marriages and how their husbands cheated, and divorced them for a younger woman.  For both of these women their divorce had happened over fifteen years prior.  Yet these women continued to hang on to the past and mourn the loss of their husbands instead of getting on with their lives and being happy in a different relationship.  They let that one failed marriage rule their lives instead of working to create something different for themselves.  They’re two miserable women.



Let the blue bird of happiness sit on your shoulder.  Remember this one rule I follow in life,  NEVER GO BACKWARD, ONLY GO FORWARD, especially in a relationship.  You can’t make someone love you.  Love yourself first.  Be happy with yourself first, and don’t hang on to someone who doesn’t want you.  They’re not worth it.  Let go and move on,  Enough of my preaching.




images[1]I don’t normally have a favorite food, but lately for some unknown reason, I have become addicted to Little Debbie’s Marshmallow Pies.  Those round graham crackers with marshmallows in between and covered in chocolate have become a craving for me.  A tall glass of ice-cold milk and one of the pies and I am as happy as a frog in a pond.  My problem is that I’ve been eating two or three a day.  Not good for the waistline. Like I did with cigarettes, I’ll have to quit these pies cold turkey.  I just ate the last one and will not buy any more.

Last night for dinner I cook Yak-a-soba, a healthier dish than marshmallow pies.  I doubt if I spelled it correctly.  I got the recipe when I lived in Hawaii.  It consists of cabbage, oriental vegetables, Worcestershire  sauce, chicken and noodles.  The problem with making this dish, is you can’t cook just a little bit.  By the time I finished, I had an entire wok full.  Oh well, the left overs are always good.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEYesterday, even with the remnants of my migraine, I was able to write almost 1600 words on THE HANGMAN. If only I was able to write that much each day.  It works a lot of days, but there are times I’m lucky to get 500 words done.  All I can say, is NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.  Keep writing and don’t forget to edit.  Several years ago, I submitted a manuscript to several agents.  Even though I received personal letter back in the form of rejections, now I realize why my book was rejected.  Mistakes in the manuscript and I had not done a thorough job of editing out the chaff, removing all the unnecessary words and correcting my mistakes.  With age comes wisdom?  I hope.  My first writing of a novel is strictly a first draft.  Sister and I go over and over our novels editing, editing , editing and editing until we almost hate the book.  And then it ticks me off when we still will find a mistake.  Always remember, you can’t edit your work enough.

Keep writing and editing, folks.  Have a great week and stay safe.



  1. Jennifer L Meacham, author

    Not to worry. I’m a hermit too lately. Between working full-time in legal, writing the second book in my series, editing another manuscript, working on my blog ( and creating for my store (, gardening in the Vegas desert and enjoying my family… I don’t even have time to sleep, much less socialize. Luckily, I love the side projects and that keeps me happy!


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