112943521I have come to the conclusion that the weather has gone crazy. Day before yesterday we had a thunderstorm that scared the hell out of me. The lightning was one strike after another and some strikes I would have sworn landed too close for my comfort. I was cowering on my sofa when I heard what I thought was an animal crying out in the rain. And brother it was coming down. I went to the front door, opened it and looked out. I couldn’t see any poor creature. Just as I was closing the door, a flash of lightning and immediate BOOM!  I let out a scream fearing that the strike had hit the house. There was no evidence that we were hit. As the lightning continue to scare the crap out of me, Titan and I huddled back on the sofa with the three cats around my feet. I had turned off all the fans and anything electrical. I’d rather be hot and safe than fried. The storm departed and at nine-thirty, I went to bed and slept until eight-thirty the next morning.

images2One thing I accomplished the morning before the weather decided to go crazy was I finished weed whacking the front yard and the walkway.  I have an elm tree in the back yard and there is a huge one in front of the house across the street.  It seems elm trees send out there root and little elms spring up all over the place, per my nephew.  Anyway, along the chain linked fence I have rose bushes growing.  When they bloom, they are beautiful.  The only problem is the blasted elms, too many, have decided that’s where they want to grow.  I cut back and many as I could find, and my nephew came down to cut down the rest yesterday.  Thank God for that boy.  He is one hard-working man.  It is a continual fight with the elms.  If we didn’t cut them back, I’d be living in the middle of a forest.  They also grow fast.

imagesI was busy vacuuming the floors yesterday when I noticed the blasted vacuum wasn’t picking up very well.  I have a Shark vacuum, which I hate because of the canister, which I can’t ever get clean enough after I empty it .  But, I paid money for the blasted thing and will use it until it dies or I kill it.  I prefer the vacuum with the bag that you can remove and place it in the trash without a dust storm hitting you in the face, and going all over the place when you empty that damn canister on the Shark.  No folk, don’t buy a Shark.  They’re messy, and hard to maneuver.  To me, they are over-rated.  Anyway, I removed the canister, took it to the trash can and emptied it.  I have three cats who are shedding like they want to run around naked because of the heat.  I had to pull gobs of hair out of that thing with my hand, and then try to clean it and me before I re-vacuumed the floors.  I HATE THAT SHARK!  But, I finally got my floors cleaned.  As soon as I murder the damn thing, I’m buying a vacuum with  a bag.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEAfter working out in the sun for two mornings in a row, I feel almost like my brain is fried.  I should wear a hat, but they are so hot.  Anyway, I sat down at my computer, pulled up the file on THE HANGMAN and stared at the screen.  My head ached, my arms ached from swinging the weed-eater, and my back ached, all this was after a nice cooling shower and fresh clean clothes.  I said to hell with it, shut the computer down and watched a movie until the storm hit.  So today, I must get my butt in gear and write.  Enough time off.

So everyone have a great week and Fourth of July.  Remember, stay safe.






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