It's almost football season

It’s almost football season

I’m still going to call it morning even though it is almost 12 noon.  I got up early enough, but I just can’t seem to get started.  I’ve been gonna take a shower since I got up at around 8:30.  Still in my jammies.  Today is laundry day so I will dress after my shower which is after I brush Bella.  She is throwing her coat, I think that’s what it is called.  I just know the house is covered in beige dog hair.




I picked the first of my green peppers from the garden yesterday.  They are a real nice size.  Can’t wait for the cukes and tomatoes to ripen.

I took a break at about 12:30 for a snack.  it is now 2:15 and I am just now getting back to it.  I don’t understand me at all.  Well, I did start the laundry.  So that’s something. you know what I really would like to do?  I would love to go the 1/2 price Books Store and buy every book that John Sanford ever wrote,  Get me a nice hotel room with a large coffee pot, and not leave that room till I have read every book.  I know I have read them all, but I want to do it again.  I know I would learn a lot about editing.  Then I would probably go to Kay Hooper next.  But that is not in my plan of attack on all this editing I have left to do.  So I better get to it.  Y’all take care and don’t work too hard.  We’ll talk later.


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