Afternoon everyone:  Thought I would jot a few words on this dreary Saturday afternoon.  Hubs and I are at our daughter’s cabin at Lake Cumberland Resort.  We love it here and are thinking of selling our house and moving down here.  The resort sits on top of a mountain and is so quiet.  We love it here.  Daughter and her husband are out in their boat.  We are not boating people, so I chose to stay behind and get some work done.  Besides, I don’t swim and am terrified of the water.  I don’t get in water. above my ankles.

So we are baby sitting, Zoe, their dog.  She is a Shih Tzu and is about 12 years old.  Several years ago, she was guarding her bone.  She does that.  She will lay and guard one all day.  If another of the dogs goes near it, Zoe goes wild and is on the attack.  Well, the pit bull, Freedom, went after one and Zoe went nuts.  In the ensuing confrontation, Freedom threw out one of her big old paws and Zoe lost her right eye.  I felt really bad, but Freedom was really just playing.  Zoe wasn’t.  Now poor little Zoe is blind in her good eye and she has a terrible time getting around the house. We have to lift her up and down the stairs and on and off the sofa.

It is almost time for the boaters to return and my job for dinner is to open a can of Bush’s beans and heat them.  God, I hope I am up to it.   We are having smoked ribs for dinner.  I am hungry now.  I am going to stuff myself.

Now it is time to get out Ye Olde Mss and get to editing.  I don’t have a lot more to do, and I would love to finish it this month.

You all take care and keep at your work.  Just be patient and you will succeed.



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