Yesterday morning I took my dear friend Shirley to the airport.  She had tried to fly out the day before, but ended up sitting for five hours while United tried desperately to get her on another flight back to Ohio.  There had been a problem with the plane which United couldn’t find.  Another plane was to replace the problem one, but that didn’t work out.  I don’t believe she was meant to fly out yesterday.  Too many thing were against that happening, weather, no other available flights and other problems.  That was fine with me as I hated to see her leave.  Per Shirley, United really work hard to accommodate everyone, and did put her on a flight for yesterday morning.

images7JPAILFWAs I was driving back from the airport, spread out before me was Pike’s Peak rising up against a clear deep blue sky, the summit spotted with snow.  A small white plane, flying south, stood out against the darkness of the trees on the slopes of the mountains.  Sometimes, I feel as if it is all a dream and I’ll wake and find myself still stuck in Florida.  Florida is beautiful, but it was never home.  I thank God every day that I am back in Colorado.  Yes, the city has grown to almost a half a million people and is more sprawling than I like, I wish it was a smaller city, but I love it.

Weather wise, we’re going to have a hell of a week, hell being the optimum word here.  Hot!  Hot! for the rest of the week all the way through Monday, the temperature drops into the lower eighties.  The fur critters and I will hide inside as I don’t do heat well.  I’m a winter person and like snow, I melt(sweat buckets) when it is too hot.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLENEW SNATCHER CVRI’m back to working on THE HANGMAN.  I want that book finished, but it seems as if it is taking me forever to get it written.  I guess it’s because I want to be correct with all my facts.  I do try hard to be accurate.  Oh well, it will be done, I guess, when the story plays out.  Then comes the next book in the series, THE SNATCHER.

Everyone have a great weekend, and stay safe.  Life is short.


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