Good morning everyone: I sure hope everything is going okay for all of you. Here in KY., it is pouring the rain. Thank goodness, the garden needs it. Our tomatoes are starting to ripen and now we have more than I know what to do with. I have decided to make some Gaspacho. I don’t know how to spell it and apparently the computer doesn’t either.
I didn’t get to do a blog yesterday. My daughter had to
have minor surgery and I spent the day with her. She is fine now, thank goodness.
Sister has developed an upper respiratory infection. She sounds terrible. I’m beginning to think CO. is not so good for her. Ha. Now her panties are in a wad. Ya just can’t say anything bad about that place. she loves it. I like it too, but I like to give her a bad time.
I am so frustrated. There is always something that keeps me from working. Today is not good because my daughter is here, I can’t just go in the office and close the door. Last week, I had out of town company.
I just lost the entire last paragraph. Damn! It was good too. Y’all would have been so proud. I’m going now before I throw this piece of crap out in the rain. Take it easy if you can and we’ll talk later.


2 thoughts on “GARDEN, RAIN, ETC

  1. Janes

    Rain came this morning to a drought stricken, burned up grass and gasping nature…and me. Rejoicing loudly at the downpour. I know Ky has been over blessed to he point on non-blessing. may joy enter your day, Dreamah.


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