images.jpeg 4images[2]Our weather for the past couple of weeks has been hot and dry.  My grass looks like a parched man dying of thirst.  When I took Titan out before we went to bed, I discovered it was raining.  Thank God for the wonderful rain.  Maybe it will cool us off for a few days.  It has been in the nineties and nothing seems to cool the house off.  I don’t have A/C.  But six fans are running most of the time, with two in the bedroom.  When it’s this hot, you don’t even want to eat.  As far as cooking anything, I wouldn’t turn on a stove burner for any reason.  If it can’t be consumed cold, I’m not cooking it.



Sister’s garden has produced so many tomatoes she’s trying to decide what to do with them all.  Today she is making Gazpacho soup as I am writing this.  Between the green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and who knows what all she’s planted, sister stay busy freezing all these vegetables.  Plus she has a grape-vine.  She told me that this year, all the grapes turned brown and dried up.  Why would that happen?  No grape jelly this year.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEWe’re almost finished with the revision of THE STONE KILLER.  Reworking that book has taught me a lot about correct placement of tags and choosing the right word and where it should go for emphasis in a sentence.  Still working on THE HANGMAN.  I’m taking it slow and steady with this novel to make sure I don’t leave anything out like I did in THE STONE KILLER.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week.  Stay cool and safe.


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