I am so tired of tomatoes I could cry. Why is the spacing so off? Just something else to pile on my plate. I’ll just deal with it for today. I’ve been saying that for weeks now until I have so much to do I don’t know where to start.
I swear, Sister and I thought we had done a good job of editing THE STONE KILLER. Well let me tell you that apparently we suck at editing. Sister did a search and we used the word “and” over 3000 times. YUCK, YUCK AND DOUBLE YUCK. BUT, I am in the process of reading a David Baldacci book and I counted the “ands” on one page. There were 8 on just one page. What does that mean?  I have no idea.  Use and or not use and.  To be or not to be.  I have no answers.

Well now, I may just go jump off The Big Mac Bridge over the Ohio River.  It seems that when I paid my bills for the month online, I neglected to press the right button and the payments did not go through.  Ha ha.  all of our bills are late.  Nothing has been paid for the month of August.  God yes, I’m a blonde, but it comes out of a bottle so it shouldn’t count against me.  I gotta go call the bank and fix this mess.  We’ll talk later if I can get out of my straight jacket.85FOOTBALL STARTS SOON

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