STONE KILLER SGNLE, NEWSister took off Tuesday for Louisville to visit her daughter.  Since they are continually on the go when they’re together, the editing on THE STONE KILLER stops until she returns.  Friday she is making spaghetti sauce to put in the freezer out of all the tomatoes from her garden.  So, hopefully we can get back to completing the revisions and editing of THE STONE KILLER on Monday.  I want that novel completely finished, updated and uploaded.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEThat is why I am not rushing THE HANGMAN, the second book in the Jonas Black series.  I’m listing the procedures and checking them twice to be sure I’m correct.  I do take a few liberties with some police methods, but not a lot.  Since I watch a lot of true police shows and forensic shows, I try to stick to the correct procedures and medical facts.  I hopefully will get this novel finished, edited multiple times, and uploads before the end of the year. PRAY FOR ME!

The first half of this year was a rough time for me health wise and for writing.  There were other things that happened that delayed my writing goals, but that is life.  Not everything goes as we plan..  I’m doing great now and that is all that matters.  Enough said about that.

images.jpeg 4What the hell is with this problem of me not being able to fall asleep late at night?  I didn’t go to sleep until almost five this morning.  Needless to say, I’m going to try to stay awake, but might need a short nap to get me through the rest of the day.  When I did awake this morning, it was to cloudy skies with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms.  The weather report keeps changing the high temperature for today.  One said 81, another says 78.  I just checked it.  Now is says 79.  I don’t care as long as it is not in the high eighties or in the nineties.  I am so ready for winter, and yes, even snow.

Back to work.  Everyone have a great day and stay safe.


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