images7JPAILFWThis is the first morning in a long time I was able to see the mountains.  It seems as if there is less smoke today from the fires in the northwest.  It may be due to the rainstorm that came through yesterday around five-thirty or six.  It came down heavy for about five or six minutes with lots of lightning.  Of course we had flood warnings due to the hard rain.  The grass and flowers were given a good dosing of water.  Thanks to the rain,we have cooler temperatures today.  Sorry folks, but I am so ready for winter to get here.  I’m not a hot weather person.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEWell, it seems my computer is acting up.  I can’t open my book cover program.  The Geek squad will be called.  I am hate computer problems.  so THE HANGMAN will be put on hold until this crappy computer is fixed.  Why can’t Dell, HP, ASUS and any of the other computer company make quality machines.  Even Microsoft Word is crappy.  Their program doesn’t recognize the word “it’s” half the time, plus when a sentence is a question or a statement.  Yet we keep shelling out money for inferior produces.   I didn’t sleep well last night, so you could say I’m in a lousy mood, plus I have a headache.  I’ll go take something and hopefully my mood will improve before I call the Geek Squad.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.


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