imagesBDJX3DZCSTONE KILLER SGNLE, NEWAnother day sister and I were to work on all the revisions of THE STONE KILLER, and once again, she is on the phone with the Geek Squad.  I know as the old say goes, “It’s like beating a dead horse”, but when consumers pays a ridiculous price for a piece of equipment, it should work.  We both have HP computers.  She bought her laptop last year and I bought my desktop in January 2015.  During the first 30 days, I was on the phone with the Geek Squad six to seven times having them fix the blast thing.  And it has been a continual process with one thing or another going wrong since.   Her laptop is always having problems.

A lot of times when something goes wrong, I can fix it. but not always.  I don’t have a lot of patience with equipment that does work, especially since I paid my hard-earned money for it.  So far when it comes to computers, Dell is in the pits along with ASUS, and now HP’s are being added to that list.  Doesn’t anyone make a decent computer that will work, or is it actually Microsoft’s software which is crappy.  I know their 2013 Word program is not worth anything when it comes to a dictionary.  Enough said on the subject!

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEI guess you could say, I’m in a crappy mood.  I had nightmares about my family last night and woke remembering them.  I hate that.  The day has to go better as I need to plan the next murder in THE HANGMAN.  The story is developing nicely with the characters starting to put in their thoughts and actions.  I love it when that happens, then all I have to do is sit and type what they tell me.





IMG_7763The weatherman says we’re going to have a “cool down” this weekend.  I hope so.  I’m tired of the roar from all the fans and look forward to cooler days and the changing of the leaves.  Autumn is so beautiful with all the golden Aspens in the mountains.  God, I love being back home in Colorado.


Well, let me get back to work.  I always have work to do, cleaning house, laundry,a novel to write, a painting to finish or friends to meet for a brief lunch or coffee.  I do have to leave my house once in a while.  Everyone have a great Labor Day weekend and stay safe.


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