Good morning everyone: If you hear a loud noise, it will be the sound of this chunk of metal(sometimes called a computer) hitting the driveway. Well, above sentence was typed yesterday. Then I looked up and the cursor was at the top of the page. I don’t know why that happens. The Geek squad spends more time crawling around inside this thing than I spend trying to type and entire page of a mss.
Sister and I have finished the rewrite of THE STONE KILLER. I think it will read much better now. We wer so sure we had taken care of any errors such as misspelling or leaving the s or ed off of words. Sister is good at that. That’s because her mind works faster than her fingers. So, I’m going to go through the mss line by line by line. Hopefully, we will have an error free book this time around.
So you all take it easy and don’t forget to buy a copy of the new and revised
THE STONE KILLER. Oh well, THE HANGMAN will just have to wait a while.

1/2 DREAMAHRevised 1 SK Cover

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