It is so wonderful to get up to 50deg. I’m not ready for snow, but this feels great. I now have to carry my coffee with me. I use to be able to leave it sit on the end table, but I found both Bella and Chloe drinking out of it when I came back into the room. So, I can’t leave it sit.
Sometime today I plan on making tomato juice(I can’t believe how many tomatoes I have. They are going to rot if I don’t do something. Also, I have to run the dust mop and get the crap up off the floor. I cleaned and waxed it Saturday, and I have run the dust mop each day since. Howsomever, the dirt appears from no where. Perhaps I should just sprinkle glitter on it and call it Fairy Dust. At least it would look pretty, wouldn’t it?
Before I forget, I had to pick all 12 apples from our tree. I don’t want to eat them because then they will be gone, but they will rot if I don’t. Perhaps an apple something for dinner.
Till next time, y’all take it easy and spend as much time as you can on your craft. We’ll talk again later.


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