I got up to a TV full of pomp and circumstance. The Pope is in DC. I am not Roman Catholic, but I love this pope. When he chose his name, I knew I would like him. Well, that is my sermon for the day except to say it would
take the entire USMC to get me into those crowds around the Pope. Okay. Now I do quit. On to other things.
Hubs pruned the peach tree yesterday. The instructions said to shape it like a vase. They didn’t say what kind of vase, our peach tree looks rather abstractish. It aint a vase people. But as long as we have fruit next summer, I really don’t care.
JONAS BLACK is just about to pop my last nerve. Jonas is the Detective in THE STONE KILLER. Sorry if I’m telling you something you already know. I am sure you all have been where I am now. You are just sick of reading and editing. But, I shall trudge on. I am so anxious to start editing THE HANGMAN. Perhaps JONAS won’t make as many errors as in TSK. The typos cannot possibly be mine. Mrs. Greenawalt learned me to type good. So as he can’t defend himself, I’m blaming JONAS.
Now you all get busy doing whatever is on your schedule for the day and I’m going to spend the day EDITING
We’ll talk later 1/2 DREAMAH1277

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