Good morning everyone.(I know it is almost noon, but it is still morning.  I really think summer is over. Our high today is 61deg.  With the clouds and wind, that makes it pretty cool.  But the dogs love it.  They act like puppies, running and playing in the back yard.

Well, I have gone back to my old Mac computer.  Monday I was going like a house afire.  I had almost 300 words.  The next thing I know There are the first two lines on the page.  I was so frustrated, I could have cried.  I don’t know what to do about the PC.  The Geek Squad has worked on it at least 8 times since I bought it in July of 2014.  My biggest problem right now is that I keep forgetting I do not have a touch screen on the Mac.

I hope you all are making more headway with your work than I am on THE STONE KILLER.  It seems there is always something I have to do other than read.  Today I have to pay the bills.  That is a must.  Tomorrow is the family birthday party for September and October.  Guess what?  I’m making spaghetti for a crowd.  NOW I have to go downstairs and let them know what I want to keep and what I want to donate.  They are moving rooms around.  I don’t know why.  So I am going to finish this if it hair lips Hell.

So you all take it easy and if I get time, I’ll talk to you later.

1/2/DREAMAHRevised 1 SK Cover


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