Good morning everyone: I sure hope none of you live in South Carolina. According to the TV, that state is about to wash away. I have a nephew in Columbia but he says he is high and dry.
Here in KY, the sun is out and it is nice and warm this morning.
I downloaded Windows 10 yesterday. Please, God, let it help this piece of crap I call a computer. Sister’s friend in St. Petersburg said it helped hers quite a bit.
It just dawned on me this morning that if I’m going to make apple butter this year, I had better go buy some apples. All the good ones will be gone pretty soon.
I am really going to try and finish TSK this week. I thought I would have it done last week, but that didn’t work out. I”m really shooting for this week.
Well, I guess I had better get started. It is 11:30am and I am going to try to put in at least five hours reading. That is usually as long as my eyes can last.
You all take it easy and try to get some work done. We’ll talk later.


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