When I called Sister this morning, she was out in her garden gathering all the tomatoes, green pepper and anything else ready to pick.  A freeze warning is in effect for her area tonight as well as my other sister near the Great Lakes.  Both put in a garden each year and can all types of fresh vegetables, apples and make lots of jellies.  Me, I go to the store.  I know nothing about putting in a garden or canning.  This coming weekend they both plan on making apple butter.

Revised 1 SK CoverOkay folks, we have worked so hard to improve our novel THE STONE KILLER.  It is available on  Give it a read and please post your comments either on Amazon or on this blog or email us at  We would really appreciate your feedback.   Below is the blurt for the story:


Detective Lieutenant Jonas Black knows that monsters walk the city streets. They’re disguised as ordinary citizens. But, beneath that mask lives a dark beast waiting to be unleashed on the innocent.
Now, such a beast walks the streets of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
For Morgan Jansen, at times, it is difficult to love her twin sister, Marilyn Heddrix. Especially after she sleeps with her rotten husband, Andrew. Morgan divorces Andy, and refuses to speak to her sister. But, their psychic bond keeps each aware of the others presences.
When she awakens early one morning in horrible pain, she knows her sister is in trouble. After Homicide Detectives, Lieutenant Black and Sergeant Esperanza Ortiz, appear on her doorstep, Morgan is shocked to hear her sister has been violently murdered. Now, she would forgive even her sister’s betrayal to have her back. But dead is dead, or is it?
Karma demands its due. Marilyn must pay for her sins, and returns as a ghost to offer snippets of information about her killer, but can’t identify him. As the madman strikes again, Morgan tries to pass on word of another victim. As she fears, the Lieutenant looks at her as if she’s nuts. Her efforts to explain the psychic bond between twins is useless. He doesn’t believe her.
Jonas Black has his own ghostly memories to deal with, a murdered fiancée. And yes, he thinks Morgan Jansen is a little crazy, but wants to believe her. Maybe it’s because of the attraction he feels toward her. She takes his breath away.
As the bodies pile up, the monster sets his sights on Morgan. It’s a race to find the serial killer before she becomes his next victim, and Jonas Black loses another woman he loves to murder.

NEW HANGMAN SINGLEI am hard at work on THE HANGMAN.  It has taken an unusual twist which surprised even me.  You know the old saying about the best laid plans.  Well my story line has evolved into what I consider amazing.  My characters have taken over the story which makes me happy.  I love it when a story comes together.

I am in the process of doing laundry and writing, so I’d better get back to work.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.


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