I have a big problem with procrastination in people.  I guess it is my military training.  The Air Force taught me, if you have something that needs done, do and get it out of your way.  Another thing that drives me nut, and God knows I’m nutty enough, but when someone says they’ll do something, I try to trust they will keep their word.  When they don’t, I have trouble understanding why they didn’t.  And the excuse “I forgot” is useless.  If you do the job when you say you will, you can’t forget.  Okay, enough of my bitching.

P1010737Well it looks as if Old Man Winter is bearing down on Colorado.  The ski resorts appear to have gotten snow over the weekend and they’re getting ready to open.  That will make those who love to ski happy and I’m glad.   Our nighttime lows are going to be in the thirties this week.  The days mostly will be in the fifties with a few sixties.  We’re even supposed to have snow showers Friday.  I love Colorado’s winters.  Most people think our winters are horrible.  There have been years that they were, but generally we’ll get snow one day, and it’s gone by noon on the next.  We don’t have that bone chilling cold like the east because we live in a dry climate, thank God.  Oddly enough, the winters I spent in Florida were some the coldest I’d experienced.  When it get in the forties there, it’s a bone chilling cold, much more so than here.  I love being back here.  Florida is pretty, but it was never home.

022706I had to take a break from all the murder and mayhem yesterday.  I have three painting going at once, A beautiful lady bug on a large yellow flower petal, a bunch of morning glories on a white trellis, and a dragonfly on cat’s tail growing near a pond.  I need these break to create something beautiful because I write about the dark side of people.  I have a stack of photos to paint.  Now the question is where do I put them when they’re finished?  I think I’ll contact several galleries and see if they’ll show my work for sale.  Cross your finger and say lots of prayers for me.  If anyone is interested in purchasing one of my painting, email me with the word paintings in the subject line and I’ll send you pictures of what is available.

Revised 1 SK CoverNEW HANGMAN SINGLENow that we are finished with THE STONE KILLER, I am about half way through writing THE HANGMAN.  My goal for a book length is 100,000 words.  I have exceeded that number with all the others, and we had to trim out all the unnecessary  parts.  I’ll keep writing until the story is told and then Sister and I will go over the book again and again.  So now, back to work on THE HANGMAN.  Don’t forget, THE STONE KILLER is available at  Give the first book in the series a read.  Try it, you’ll like the ghost and the hunky cowboy detective.

Everyone have a great week and stay safe.






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