sun, CHLOE, ETC.

I CAN’T believe it is after 11:00 and I am just now eating breakfast. Left over pizza from last night. Yummy good. My daughter just put a boiled egg in the microwave and it blew up all over the place. Lord, I hope that is not an omen of the day to come. Her exact words were, “As soon as I eat I will clean the microwave.” HA! She is in her room and I am in the kitchen with the dirty microwave. There are times when it is good to be short. I can’t reach the microwave to clean it.
Well, the sun is out and the temp is 57. That makes for a beautiful day. Chloe is no longer afraid to run through the house. She is back to her old self.
I need to get busy on THE HANGMAN, so I guess I will let you get back to your work, also. You all take care and be good to yourselves. We’ll talk again later.


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