I know I should have done this blog yesterday, but my metabolism was like molasses. The weather didn’t help either. Neither did my asthma, I just laid around all day. But today the sun is out and the temp is going to be in the sixties.
Hubs and I are going to Mansfield this morning. My other sister has her Thanksgiving the Sunday before the actual Turkey Day. Then we come home and have our dinner on the big day. Her son and his wife always come from Colorado. It’s always good to see them. There will be 12 people, I think. Sister can’t come because she has no one to stay with her animals. Thank goodness my daughter stays with ours.
There isn’t anything going on around here in Northern KY. It isn’t a very exciting place. But it is beautiful, the people are wonderful. The ones who were born and bred here. There are so many from out of state here now. Our little town of 1,000 people in 2005, now boasts about 5,000. That is too many. I’m ready to relocate to a smaller town. Well, I’m taking THE HANGMAN with me. Maybe I will get some work done.
Now I have to get my clothes out of the closet and start packing. You all take it easy and stay safe and sober. We’ll talk later

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