10382819_1513301252254388_7204409982383081289_nWell for some stupid reason, I’m sure it is, I haven’t put up the first thing in the way of a Christmas decoration this year.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll bring in my nutcrackers from the garage and hope this year Bandit, my little female cat, won’t try to wash the beards off their faces and the plumes from their hats.  I have a large elf that sits on a ledge between the dining room and the living room.  He too has a full beard.  Bandit did the same to George the Elf when I first sat him on the ledge.  She leaves him alone now, thank goodness.    I do have a fake pine branch with the pine cones the hangs on my studio door year round.  It has a couple of Christmas decorations on it as well as several Cloisonné ornaments, two bells, a dragon, a bumble bee,  I have others which are packed away in my Christmas stuff.  Maybe this year I’ll put up the tree and see if the pups and the cats will leave it alone, ha ha ha, who am I kidding.  Bandit will be at it in no time at all.  Stanley, my Ragdoll cat loves to lay under the tree.  Tomorrow, I’ll put up some decorations.

I took time out tonight to watch a movie.  I won’t give the name of it because I was disappointed.  Have you ever watched a film that leaves you feeling as if the editors left too much of the story on the cutting room floor?  That was this movie.  What was so surprising was the big named cast.  All the acting was good, but the story left too much untold.  Oh well, that was me, other people may have loved it.  Anyway I hope so.  I believe it was made for TV only as I never heard of it hitting any big screen.



I am happy to say my writers stumbling block is gone.  I have gotten over a thousand words done and once again the characters are talking to me.  THE HANGMAN is once again flowing from my fingers.








Don’t forget all our e-books are on sale for the month of December for a $1.99.  Give them a read and let us know what you think.  Everyone have great days and stay safe.



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