images7JPAILFWI got out of bed at seven a.m. to a chilly fifteen degrees and a cloudy sky.  Now the sun is shining bright and the temperature is up to thirty-three.  We’re supposed to reach almost fifty today, but with a high wind warning.  That wind will cool the air a lot.  Cold I can stand, but wind drives me nuttier than I am.  All this week we’re supposed to have warmer weather and lots of sunshine.  Even with the wind, it’s a beautiful day here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I am so thankful to be home in the Rockies.

images[3]I think my Christmas mouse has moved into my bedroom.  The cats, Bandit and Stanley, hovered around a cedar chest I have and use as a night stand.  I don’t worry about it getting in bed with me because at some time during the night, Bandit was on the bed and pressed up against my back on guard.  Plus Stanley sleeps at the foot of the bed, as do the pups.  God help anything, even a bug, should it try to get on the bed at night.  I doubt if you will understand my aversion to harming any of God’s small creatures do to the fact I write murder novels and kill off numerous people in the story.    The way I feel is that if humans can’t be kind to God’s smallest creature, the why should he be kind to us.  I won’t even kill a spider unless it gets in the shower with me.  And NO, my house is not a dirty place.  I work hard to keep it clean.  God’s lesser creatures are only trying to survive and who am I to decide their fate.

th85VEVUCBth05CCTO9RI want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may the New Year of 2016 bring peace, harmony and prosperity to all the world.  It is time to dig the grave and bury all the hatred in the world.  Hatred is such a wasted emotions and only hurts those who have it in their heart.

Be kind to everyone.  Have a great day,




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